Scheduled Events

Weihnachtskonzert - Christmas Concert 2017

The Santa Barbara Edelweiss Choir (Julia Neufeld, Music Director; Noreen Brokke, Accompanist) is proud to present a Traditional Christmas Concert on:

  Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 3:00 pm

The concert venue will be:

The concert program will include:

  Christmas Music from across the Globe, including Traditional Carols

Tickets (suggested donation $12.00) are available at Chaucer's Bookstore and at the door.

For more information call: 805 682-1537 or 805 967-5965

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Past Events

Spring Concert: June 3, 2017

Folksongs and Classical Selections by Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schubert, and Lehar.

Songs from the twenties and thirties (Melodien zum Verlieben).

Julia Neufeld, Music Director; Noreen Brokke, Pianist

Weihnachtskonzert - A Traditional Christmas Concert: December 4, 2016

Featured Christmas Music from accross the globe, including Traditional Carols.

Julia Neufeld, Music Director; Noreen Brokke, Accompanist with guest soloist Christine Hollinger, Soprano and accompanied by a String Quartet

45th Anniversary Concert Review

The Santa Barbara Edelweiss Choir (Julia Neufeld, Music Director; Noreen Brokke, Keyboard) celebrated it's 45th Anniversary on May 15th, 2016.

This special event featured two guest choirs:

  Swiss Singing Society Harmonie (Rodger Whitten, Music Director) with Alphorns & other Swiss Folk Instruments.

  Phoenix Gemischter Chor (Marshall Ramirez, Music Director).

The following review of this concert was provided by Karin Bruckner (translation from German by Inge Knapp):

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Weihnachtskonzert - A Traditional Christmas Concert: December 6, 2015

Excerpts from Bohemian Shepard’s Mass by Jacub Jan Ryba; Christrosenlied by Robert Stolz; Christmas Evening by Engelbert Humperdinck and The Coventry Carol (traditional English).

And many other Christmas songs from various countries, sung in English, German, Spanish, and Latin.

Spring Concert: June 7, 2015

German Folksongs and Classical Selections by Brahms, Mendelssohn, Schumann, von Weber, Silcher as well as American and English Folksongs.

Weihnachtskonzert - A Traditional Christmas Concert: December 7, 2014

Featured universally loved Christmas songs from various countries, sung in English, German, and Latin including Christmas Cantata “Lauft, ihr Hirten, allzugleich” (Run, ye Shepherds, to the Light) by Michael Haydn and “Weihnachten” (Christmas Evening) by Engelbert Humperdinck.

Spring Concert: June 1, 2014

Viennese & Schubert Melodies, German Folk Music and Classical Selections from the Romantic Era as well as from the American Musical Theatre.

Weihnachtskonzert - A Traditional Christmas Concert: December 8, 2013

Excerpts from Kantata Nr. 142 "Uns ist ein Kind geboren" by Job. Seb. Bach

Christmas Music from many lands sung in their original languages, including Traditional Carols.

Spring Concert: June 15, 2013

German Folk Music, as well as Classical Selections from the Romantic Era and from the German, American and Italian Musical Theatre.

Weihnachtskonzert - A Traditional Christmas Concert: December 9, 2012

Excerpts from "Bohemian Shepherd's Mass" by Jan Ryba, Christmas Music from many lands sung in many languages, including Traditional Carols.

Spring Concert: June 7, 2009

Art songs were sung from the romantic era by Brahms, Mendelssohn, Schubert, and Schumann; popular German folksongs, plus excerpts from Austrian Operetta as well as from the American musical theater. This performance was a memorable feast for the senses.

Weihnachtskonzert - Christmas Concert: December 14, 2008

This concert featured the ever popular "Sing-Along" (audience participation in the singing of popular Christmas songs, in English and German). A professional string instrument group performed with the choir. This concerts's main performance was "Midnight Mass for Christmas" by French composer, Antoine Charpentier.

The Belcanto Choir - Concert: October 11, 2008

The Edelweiss Choir presented The "Belcanto Choir" from the famous university city, Göttingen, Germany. The performance featured American, and German Folk Music, as well as Classical Selections.

Even though the concert took place on a Saturday afternoon, it was still relatively well attended. Following the concert, the Edelweiss Choir treated the Belcanto Choir to a dinner at our president's residence.

Review of the joint concert of the Edelweiss Choir and the Swiss Singing Society "Harmonie": June,2008

This concert was a great success. The church sanctuary was almost filled to capacity, an indication that we attracted a sizable Swiss audience. Judging by the applause of our audience, the singing by both the Swiss Singing Society "Harmonie" and the Edelweiss Choir was greatly appreciated. A special attraction, of course were the "Harmonie" Alphorn players, Franz Stadelmann and Ernst Kneubuehler. The combined Choir and Alphorn number, "Alphorn Melody and Polka", brought the audience to their feet. A special treat for our audience were the Swiss "Talerschwingers", were music is created by rolling coins in differently tuned bowels. With the exception of the Edelweiss Choir performance of Franz Schubert's "die Nacht" (the night), and Robert Schumann's "Zigeunerleben" (A Gypsy's Life), all the music performed was in a lighter vain, including the Edelweiss Choir's final fun number, "Zottelmarsch" (shuffle march).

Walter Knapp - Edelweiss Choir Member

Note: the concert was professionally recorded by "Opus I". CDs for choir members and their friends are available. For more information call: 682-1537 or 682-6346.

Weihnachtskonzert - Christmas Concert: December 16, 2007

In this year's concert, the Choir featured the Christmas of Latvia with two carols in the Latvian language. Other selections on the program included excerpts from the famous Bohemian Shepherd's Mass by Jacub Jan Ryba, classical and traditional Christmas songs, sung in English, German, and Latin.

Review of the Edelweiss Concert "An Enchanted Afternoon": June 3, 2007

This year's spring concert of the Santa Barbara Edelweiss Choir under the leadership of Music Director Julia Neufeld and Accompanist Beverly Staples had a completely different setting. The event took place on Sunday afternoon, June 3, at the Parish Hall of the Emanuel Lutheran Church on Modoc Rd. The hall was decked-out with inviting tables

After the audience had assembled we were greeted by our friendly bartender Carlos. The thirsty cold purchase various beverages until the program began. And what a beautiful performance it was; as we were taken on a musical journey, with the highlights from German Operettas and American Musicals. It was a delight for everyone.

This "Ohrenschmauss" (feast for the ears) was followed by a culinary feast. The members of the Edelweiss Choir, now performing as waiters, served their guests a delicious dinner consisting of Kassler Rippenspeer* (smokedPork Chops), wonderful potato-salad amd superb Sauerkraut, followed by Apple Strudel with real whipping cream and coffee.

It was a delightful afternoon which too soon came to an end. The Choir deserves our praise for a wonderful performance and a wonderful German Dinner. A big thank you to Chef Susan Rudolph and her helpers. Last, but not least a "Thank you" to Choir Director Richard Schnieder and his board for organizing this unforgettable event.

The next concert will be the Christmas Concert on December 16, 2007.

Hope to see you there - Barbara

Barbara Stern - President, German-American Club of Santa Barbara

* A little trivia: Kassler Rippenspeer was invented by, and named after Master-Butcher Cassel from Berlin approximately 130 years ago. The whole rib roast was pickled, smoked and baked on a spit. In an oven. It has since been a favorite for Sunday- and Holiday-Dinners. It is served with potato salad or mashed potatos, red cabbage, sauerkraut or pureed yellow peas. (Source: Erhard Gory's Kuchenlexikon).

Edelweiss Choir Canada Tour: June 2 - June 12, 2006

The Edelweiss Choir of Santa Barbara and its guests had a successful Western Canada concert tour. Their first stop was Calgary, Alberta where they were hosted by the "Canadian German Male Chorus of Calgary". Both choirs shared the stage in a concert entitled, "From the Sea to the Mountains". The combined choir's singing was enthusiastically received and the host choir treated Edelweiss to two get-togethers with delicious food and drink, interspersed with informal singing by both choirs. The Edelweiss Choir members were also treated to a city tour. In addition, the Edelweiss Choir sang in a special Pentecost mass at St. Boniface Catholic church, with their accompanist/organist, Beverly Staples.

The Edelweiss Choir then traveled by bus to Kelowna, British Columbia (B.C.), their next performance stop, through the most spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery, with sightseeing stops in Banff and Lake Louise. Kelowna is located on the eastern shore of the 160 km long Okanagan Lake. During a city tour, the Choir was surprised to hear that approximately 45,000 of the 110,000 inhabitants were German. Together with the Kelowna Men's choir they participated in a "Liederabend" (evening of song). The audience appreciated the spirited singing.

And on they continued toward Vancouver, again through spectacular scenery. After some sightseeing in Vancouver the choir boarded a Ferry (bus and all), which, after one and a half hours, deposited the Edelweiss Choir members in the beautiful city of Victoria, their last performance stop. They had ample time for sightseeing, including a visit to the world-famous Butchart Gardens. That evening the Choir shared the stage with another guest choir, the "Denver Turnverein Choir".

The Choir felt in good form throughout the tour. Singing was a deep joy for them as performers as well as for their appreciative audiences. All choir members agreed that they spent a very memorable 10 days in a country full of friendly people.

Walter Knapp - Edelweiss Choir Member